what is Mala Town ( Tang )



Mala Town(Tang)originated on the bank of the Yangtze River. Originally, boaters and trackers created the simple and unique way of eating Mala Tang. From Chengdu to the Sichuan River basin of the Three Gorges, due to the rapid flow of water, the trackers have become an indispensable landscape. They are pulling the stones on the riverside, supporting the earthen jars and picking up some branches for dry firewood. Lago River water, everything is taken locally, there are vegetables to put vegetables, no vegetables to pull some wild vegetables to fill, and then into the sea pepper, pepper and other spices, eat and eat, can not only fruit, but also cold, dampness. This method of eating is spread on the riverside because of its simplicity and ease. Later, the hawkers on the dock saw the business opportunities, and then transformed the dishes and stoves, placed them on both sides, and sipped while walking. The people on the riverside and the bridge selling labor became regular customers around the burden. Today, Mala Tang has gradually moved from the river to the shore. This is the origin of Mala Tang.  ( source from Baidu )



Mala Tang is the predecessor of spicy hot pot, but it can also be said to be a simplified version of hot pot. The difference is that the meat and vegetables are worn on the bamboo sticks. When you eat, put a lot of meat and vegetables that you put on the bamboo sticks into the tumbling red soup. The authentic way to eat is a string of food. . The ingredients used in Mala Tang and Hot Pot are generally the same. The biggest difference between Mala Tang and Hot Pot is that it is simple and quick.

It is such a visit to our hospital that may not be thought of, but it often appears in the street, the small spicy, as always, a solid fire for nearly 20 years. There are no luxurious decoration, no expensive dishes, no restaurant-like foreman who laughs like flowers, and even a decent signboard. Several tables, two stoves, and bamboo sticks on the floor are surrounded by one day. Circle people, eating delicious and sweaty, that feeling is a word: cool!



However, with the development of society and the improvement of living standards, the need for people to advocate health, pursue fashion and improve their quality of life is becoming more and more intense. People are no longer eating and eating food, but paying more attention to food. Health and health care. The drawbacks of the traditional Mala Tang business model and the way of eating are exposed: rough process, single variety of taste, poor dining environment, can only eat vegetables, soup, etc., even food hygiene and food safety have become a big problem. .

Therefore, the new mala-hot shop with good environment, uniform taste and good service has come into being. For example, the hot girl is hot and spicy, which is one of the bold innovations. It is also a representative of the new mala, which is getting more and more. The favor and pursuit of modern consumers, it must be said that the traditional business model requires continuous improvement and innovation in order to develop.